from a Christian perspective

Me and Him . . . (03/14/2016)

Aug 12th 2023

I am now with Him. The Book, the local church, and my family all facilitated the introduction. Even then, it literally took a lifetime for me to accept Him in every area of my life. But that is where … read more

The Fat Man . . . (12/20/2022)

Aug 12th 2023

This is his time. Each year during the Holiday season (or as former President Trump insisted, the Christmas Season) he reigns – – white beard, reindeer, dressed in red – – the nerve of him!When we sho … read more

What you need to know . . . (02/04/2023)

Aug 12th 2023

The NBA announces basketball’s Greatest Team Of All Time! Rock & Roll Hall of Fame identifies greatest hit for past 19 decades! Number 1 investment for coming seniors! Best states to retire in! … read more

You are better than them . . . (03/28/2016)

Aug 12th 2023

You are better than them. Not better than that, although you are better than that. I am saying you are better than them.Because of God and your relationship with Him, you are better. You are entitled. … read more

Your Picture of Jesus . . . (09/13/2009)

Aug 12th 2023

When I say the name, Jesus, I picture your idol. Inbred in my consciousness since youth; church walls, windows, ceilings and doors have proudly boasted that idol for centuries. Books of Christian art … read more