from a Christian perspective

Victory and Struggles

1st Posted 03/21/2023 on Aug 1st 2023

He waited patiently while we spun ourselves from one focus to the next without so much as a moment’s time to consider what had been done for us.And He waited, knowing that we needed Him. And battles a … read more

Tribute To The Super - February 13, 2023

Aug 1st 2023

That was the theme the church chose for the February 12, 2023 service. Goal posts on both sides of the pulpit, referee striped shirts worn by all ushers, a corn-hole toss for prizes . . . all before t … read more

Tweet And Shout

June 22, 2017 initial post on Aug 1st 2023

They will see. Dare they look down on me and my alternate facts. They have no idea what they are in for, thinking that somehow the truth would trump me. I’ll make it so! One tweet at a … read more

Look, Act, Be

Aug 1st 2023

We like you and we want to be like you in all ways . . .we want to dance like you, we want to look like you, we want to celebrate like you, we want to act like you, we want to behave l … read more