About Us

In 1994 we started with a monthly print-out of The Benediction, and distributed it by hand. The Benediction was a monthly Christian newsletter of poetry and prose. The four-page newsletter (pages printed front and back) was really an early zine. And we sold print screened T-shirts to raise funds for publication.

We eventually moved to the internet and let readers come to us at, WalkerHouse a Christian community on the internet where we published Christian poetry short verse at Shorts & Verse,; Christian news and commentary at Christian Commentaries,; thoughts on life for consideration at for your; literature showing God in all things at Constant God,; movie reviews from a Christian perspective at Your Take,; intimate notes to the family of Christ at notes to the Family, -- all now gone forever.

Over the years changes in internet technology and increases in costs have forced change.   And our resulting new format required a jettisoning of the individual theme forums mentioned  above in favor of publication of a single blog under the theme, from a Christian perspective

The new format required use of a web page builder that was so difficult to use the option of self publishing was not even presented, and the required annual maintenance and service fees had to be paid annually up-front. 

We learned many things through this adventure.   We had started Jesus Embroidered to raise funds for publishing Christian literature but we were not aware of the blogging capabilities that were included in the Big Commerce hosting package.  And as we were now blogging as opposed to hosting a website we recognized that we could do everything right here at  www.Jesus and

And the Jesus Hieroglyphic Cap, the singular product of Jesus Embroidered?  We now give it to you for a contribution of $25.00.  With some discount for bulk ordering. 

So we’ve come full circle. We no long sell T-shirts to support what we have always considered a ministry.  But we offer you, for the price of $25.00, the absolute best ministry gift on the market,  The Jesus Hieroglyphic Cap!  

Start or continue your personal ministry with the Jesus Hieroglyphic Cap.  Wear it and present a subtle witness, or give it as a gift of  encouragement.  Let viewers muse at the black graphic in the back.  Trust that their eyes will eventually be open and they will see Him.

And be sure to do your part as stated in  1 Peter 3:15 (ETRV) 15 But keep the Lord Christ holy in your hearts. Always be ready to answer everyone who asks you to explain about the hope you have.