from a Christian perspective

The Biggest Drain

Jul 22nd 2023

. . . is trying to convince others. Once you know what God is saying to you, move on it. You can accomplish more with your witness and the overflow than you can with their agreement!Malachi 3:10-12 (K … read more

The Price Is Right

Jul 22nd 2023

It was daytime television and it only involved a light kiss, at first. Within two weeks, the producers had convinced her Christian mom, who always accompanied her to the studio, to allow slight f … read more

Parade of Nations 12/14/2016

Jul 8th 2023

For praise of humankind they marched. One hundred plus nations of the world represented in one congregation of worshipers.  Actually, all Americans now, most for several generations. But the … read more

For Lack of The Name

Jun 17th 2023

God, forgive me.It could have been a command.He had not lived a bad life. No worst than most. And he had done a few really good things — like leaving school early to fight for his country after 9/11.H … read more


Jun 16th 2023

He stepped on his land mine (well, not his but ours, but you get the point) when he was twenty-nine.He had two small twin boys at that time, and fourteen-year-old Anna. And like most parents, even C … read more