Jesus Hieroglyphic Cap

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Product Description

The Jesus Hieroglyphic Cap is a blood-red JESUS hieroglyphic that helps you focus on Christ.  It is designed to be non-revealing at first blush and to require some concentration or focus to see the name JESUS. The principle is that all things worth having require focus. The hieroglyphic design is on the back of cap, in Red. Read the Red as it flows out into the cap, invading every part as Christ does the world!  You'll see Him.

This cap is a mid-profile cap;  wear to the ball-game, golf course or a family barbeque.

Its made from a 97/3 cotton/spandex blend for everyday comfort. This stretch-fit cap is made by New Era and features a six-panel construction with a structured crown. Its reinforced with New Era® taping for long-lasting wear.  

Although a cotton/spandex blend, this cap is less giving (or flexible) than the Jesus Cap and therefore comes in 3 sizes (small/medium -- medium/large -- large/extra large)

Care Instructions: To clean caps, hand wash and stand dry on drying mat or towel.

Click Here for Sizing Guide.

Warranty Information

The Jesus Hieroglyphic Cap is warrantied against all defects of workmanship.