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Parade of Languages - March 27, 2023

May 27th 2023

A great man and his wife had a great house on top of a great hill from which they could see all around for miles and miles. And they had 10 children, with plans for more. As the children grew each one … read more

Go ye into all the world, . .

May 25th 2023

Mark 16: 15 KJV . . . and preach the gospel to every creature.Yes, you know this one. It was written to the Church, but it was spoken to eleven of the disciples as they sat eating after having not b … read more

Hallelujah, the perfect praise!

May 23rd 2023

You alone are Lord, and I yield to You.I yield my voice in prayer to You.Speak what You will through me.And if it be Your will that I know what is spoken, so be it.And if it be Your will that I not kn … read more


May 19th 2023

My enemies (really Your enemies who know they are powerless before You and therefore target me as a way of hurting You) have developed intricate devices to entice me to stray from following Your word. … read more

Pray Without Ceasing

May 11th 2023

Pray Without CeasingTalking to men for God is a great thing; but Talking to Godfor men is Greater still.E. M. Bounds,   December 3, 2017------------------------------------------1 Thessalo … read more