Very New American Dictionary (1st post June 1, 2016)

Sep 7th 2023

Very New American Dictionary

Woman – any person born with a vagina. This does not apply if the holder believes she should not have one. n which case the holder would be considered a transgendered individual or transgendered male. This is not to be confused with an individual who dresses in clothing of the opposite sex, a Transvestite.

Man – same as woman. Substitute penis for vagina.

Gay – a man who prefers to engage in sexual relations with other men as opposed to women. Or a very happy man; you chose.

       Women who are sexually attracted to other women can be called gay as well, but they are usually called lesbians. Both men and women who are sexually involved or attracted to persons of their own gender may be called homosexuals. Men are never called lesbians even if they are transgendered men,  or women. (I get confused.)

(LGBTQ) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning or queer – an evolution of the LGBT community. Their next move will involve Poodles.

Romans 1:26-30 (MSG) 26 Worse followed. Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either—women didn’t know how to be women, men didn’t know how to be men. 27 Sexually confused, they abused and defiled one another, women with women, men with men—all lust, no love. And then they paid for it, oh, how they paid for it—emptied of God and love, godless and loveless wretches. 28 Since they didn’t bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering them and let them run loose. 29 And then all hell broke loose: rampant evil, grabbing and grasping, vicious backstabbing. They made life hell on earth with their envy, wanton killing, bickering, and cheating. Look at them: mean-spirited, venomous, 30 fork-tongued God-bashers. Bullies, swaggerers, insufferable windbags! They keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives. They ditch their parents when they get in the way.